Here is a selection of some of the projects we have done.

We are grateful for our customers allowing us to share these samples with you. These are personal and real stories. Please be respectful. They are not shown to make a political or religious or any other statement. They are simply examples of the kind of work we could do for you.

Children’s Books
Stories of Life Mini-Books


Orin Woodbury Jarvis – Missionary

Orin Woodbury Jarvis was a missionary in the mid 1800s. Three teenage sisters (triplets!) got together to tells the story of their grand-grand… father. One wrote the story, another illustrated, and the third played pioneer songs on the piano to provide background music.

8″x8″, 16 pages featuring 8 illustrations by family member

Ward and Emma Fisher – A Memory

Grandpa Fisher liked to tell this story about his grandparents, Ward and Emma Fisher, keeping a family from starving one winter. Includes QR code with audio recording of grandpa telling the story.

8″x8″, 20 pages featuring 9 illustrations (by Rememberize illustrator) and 2 photos

Jens and Maren Jorgensen – Danish Pioneers

Jens and Maren Jorgensen came from Denmark in 1856. Their heroic journey to Utah included the miraculous survival of Jens in the middle of a herd of stampeding buffalo. Written by Kurt Johnson, Rememberize editor and great-great-great-great grandson of Jens &Maren, and illustrated (mostly) by Kurt’s granddaughter.

8″x8″, 20 pages featuring 12 illustrations (4 by Rememberize illustrator, 8 by family member) and 1 photo

Absalom Boston – In Memory of Those Who Built This Country, Whose Stories Are Never Told.

Absalom Boston from Nantucket, Massachusetts, was the first African-American captain to sail a whaleship, with an all-black crew, in 1822.

8″x8″, 20 pages featuring 7 illustrations (by Rememberize illustrator)

Stories of Life mini-books


Here is an example of how Kurt’s prayers were answered as he traveled across Donner Pass in the middle of a snow storm on his way from Utah to California. Kurt uses this dramatic experience to share his beliefs in a loving God who answers prayers in a very individual and unique way.

6″x9″, 12 pages featuring 2 illustrations by Rememberize illustrator


Hyde Taylor – Vietnam Veteran

Hyde spent 20 years in the US Army and did two tours in Vietnam. We captured the highlights of Hyde’s amazing experiences, paid tribute to the people that touched his life, and forever preserved the family favorite story of how he almost got killed by Batman.

11″x8.5″, 52 pages featuring photos, sidebars, maps, time lines, video links

Don Andrews – Flying Every Day

Don spent 30 years in the US Army, including an assignment in Germany during the Cold War and two tours in Vietnam. Don received a special blessing from Elder Gordon B. Hinckley as he prepared to return to Vietnam 1967, carried the Olympic torch in 2002, and shares a great story about how listening to the wrong signal lead to the year-long incarceration of a fellow pilot in a Soviet prison.

11″x8.5″, 52 pages featuring photos, sidebars, maps, time lines, video links

Robin & Julia Tuck – Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission

Elder and Sister Tuck spent a year in the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission. Poisonous vipers in the front yard, giant rats in the attic, helping write the Cambodian hymn book and children’s song book, teaching piano and running the mission office, …. a QR code links to a video beautifully capturing their feelings and testimony.

11″x8.5″, 52 pages featuring photos, sidebars, maps, time lines, video links

Joerg & Desiree Weser – 30 Year Anniversary

Joerg and Desiree celebrated their 30 year anniversary with a photobiography. Many, many photos and wonderful stories created an instant family treasure. One double-page is filled with links to video clips of their favorite family videos.

11″x8.5″, 90 pages featuring photos, sidebars, maps, time lines, video links


How we Met: Desiree & Joerg

Reflections (Anniversary): Cory & Roark

Reflections (Anniversary): Sandra & Ray

My Mission: Clarissa

My Mission: Sage

My Mission: Jonathan

Our Mission: Robin & Julia

From Photobiography: Don

Listening to the wrong voices – Cold War, Germany

From Photobiography: Hyde

The scariest moment ever – during Vietnam war

From Photobiography: Hyde

Almost killed by Batman – during Vietnam war

From Photobiography: Hyde

Keeping the Faith While Serving

From Photobiography: Hyde

Ranger Banks – Be Prepared

From Photobiography: Hyde