It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts. At Rememberize, we encourage everyone to plan the perfect gift as early in the year as possible, especially if you can are looking to give the perfect gift of memories. It’s quite possible your ideal gift is a book filled with stories from your life, or from the life of your parents or grandparents, and ordering it in July gives us plenty of time to complete a photobiography and have it printed before the holiday.

What’s a photobiography, you ask? Our Rememberize photobiography is a book, usually somewhere between 50 and 90 pages, filled with stories about the life, or a portion of the life of its subject. The stories are complemented by photos, timelines, sidebars, illustrations and anything else to help tell the story. We organize it as a collection of stories to enhance its readability for your loved history photobiography

We’ve created photobiographies to celebrate a lifetime of memories, the stories from a period of military or missionary service, anniversaries, or other segments of life. The stories entertain, teach life lessons, share memories that stuck with you, and tell your loved ones about the people who have touched your life.

The great part about giving the gift of a photobiography is it allows siblings to share the costs and then share the blessings of the finished product, brings families together in inviting a grandparent to share stories from their lives. Can’t commit this early? We also have gift certificates available to purchase as Christmas gets closer. Give a gift certificate in 2019, and we’ll work with your loved one to produce their photobiography in 2020.

We’re also looking for larger personal history projects, and great pricing is available if you are looking for a full history of 50 stories or more. Buy now, and we can work towards printed books by the holidays, or buy a gift certificate for this one as well.

At Rememberize, we believe one of the best gifts anyone can receive is the gift of memories. We love our illustrated children’s books, making memories come to life for members of your family of all ages. That’s a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Small children receive an illustrated children’s book that shares a story about a member of their family, and the gift is even more powerful if you sign up to produce the text and illustrations yourself, taking advantage of our offer to design and print your books. Your children’s book could be an inspirational story, a humorous tale or a special memory from family lore.

In all cases, the gift of memories is personal and keeps on giving for years to come because stories recorded become living personal histories. Let us know how you want to deliver the gift of memories and we’ll work with you to make it happen.