By Kurt Johnson


Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple card to a large package that invites the receiver to rip off tons of wrapping paper. Some love the feeling of doing the legwork and providing a gift that is personal and tangible, so they love to buy something specific and then wrap it up. Others are more comfortable allowing the receiver to make his own choice, so they choose the gift card option.

At Rememberize, we believe one of the best gifts anyone can receive is the gift of memories. We have a quartet of offerings that would make great Christmas gifts – an illustrated children’s book, a Stories of Life mini-book, a photo biography and a video memory. Check out our Christmas Gift of Memories page ( for more information on those options.

Making memories come to life for members of our family of all ages is a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Small children could receive an illustrated children’s book that shares a story about a member of their family. It could be an inspirational story, a humorous tale or a special memory from family lore. Others could be given the opportunity to share the stories of their life through a full photo biography or a brief video memory. Anyone in the family can start or continue the process of sharing special memories with that ONE great story, told through one of our Stories of Life mini-books. In all cases, the gift is personal and keeps on giving for years to come because stories recorded become living personal histories.

While it might be possible for us to still produce a video, children’s book or mini-book in time for you to wrap it and put it under the tree, a photo biography involves more work and time, and would be a project we’d want to tackle for next year. That’s why, whichever project you’d like our help in attacking, we are offering a special Christmas gift certificate. It allows you to give the gift of memories without adding more stress on the holiday season by trying to get it done before the big day.

Let us know how you want to deliver the gift of memories and we’ll work with you to make it happen.