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Example: Jens and Maren Jorgensen

For your children’s sake: TELL US YOUR STORIES!

We all have those stories about a certain relative that have become legendary in our respective family circles. These stories get passed down from generation to generation, and as we retell them, it’s impossible to not feel a connection to these ancestors. It’s almost as if their story is also our story— and it is!

We are all connected to the past and this is a great thing! All these stories have created our family narrative, which is the foundation for future generations. Research shows that families with strong family narratives are more successful. Individuals who are aware of their family stories actually have more self-confidence.

This is why we say here at Rememberize, “for your children’s sake: tell us your stories.” We believe it is important for people, especially children, to know their family stories, which is why we are dedicated to coming up with fun ways that engage the entire family and help them become acquainted with their past.

One of these great ways to share a family story is with a FAMILY HISTORY CHILDREN’S BOOK.

Assemble a customized Children’s book about an ancestor or living relative: 8×8, stapled, softcover, 16 pages (9 text, 7 illustration), free shipping in cont. USA.