Your Photobiography

$5995 includes:

  • 1 planning/kick-off meeting
  • 3 person-to-person interviews
  • 45 minutes of video recording
  • 100 photos scanned


  • 1 professionally designed book (additional copies $50 ea at time of printing)
  • 52+ pages
  • 5-10 life stories
  • timeline, map(s), other sidebars as needed
  • 2 professionally edited videos, each 3-7 minutes long
  • video links (QR codes) printed in book

Enjoy not only the final printed book, but hours of reminiscing about experiences from the past.

Put $1000 down now and we’ll throw in a FREE Family History Children’s Book (see below).

A full project takes about 3-4 months. If you live along the I-15 corridor in Utah, we will make house-calls at no additional charge.

Your (free) Family History Children’s Book ($899 value)

If you order your photobiography before Dec 31, 2019 and put $1000 down, we will produce one Family History Children’s Book and give you 10 copies for FREE.

The Children’s Book contains:

  • 1 family history story re-written to fit 11 text panels
  • 11 custom illustrations
  • 1-2 photos of your ancestor for the bio (=last) page

Each book is 8″ x 8″, saddle-stitched, with 24 pages.  One of the illustrations from the inside will be used on the outside (front) cover.

The story can be about a (long) deceased ancestor or any other family story. We will write/format the story from your written or oral account. You pick the artist and style. Additional copies are $16.95 at the time of printing with quantity discounts.