By Joerg Weser

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Mine comes every year – odd. I’ve done chocolates and flowers and occasionally some jewelry. But something a lot more personal is an anniversary video.

Ray and Sandra have been married for 20+ years. We told them ahead of time to think of a few ‘stand-out’ stories. We then sat them down and had them tell those stories. I laugh with them when I picture Sandra in high heels hobbling across the Southern Utah desert trying to catch up to their small car. After getting stuck in the sand and facing heat strokes Ray wasn’t about to stop until the car was safely on solid ground. They had taken one of those famous ‘shortcuts’ back from church. I cry with them when they talk about not only losing their unborn baby, but also almost Sandra. Their emotions captured in video are a forever testimony of their love for each other and for their families.

Is your dream vacation filled with planned-out-to-the-minute activities or laying on the beach doing absolutely nothing? Do you like the faster-paced Eastern or the more laid-back Western USA? Is Utah enough of a middle ground? Roark and Cory learned to appreciate their differences and I enjoy their fun experiences illustrating this ever so important life lesson.

Rememberizing together during the filming is just as much fun as watching the finished product and being reminded again … and again … of just how lucky we are to have one another.

An anniversary video not only serves as a mini-documentary of particular stories, with insights and advice, it also captures the individuals’ personalities and how they interact with one another. It becomes a fun and entertaining memorial to one of the greatest blessings on earth – marriage.

One of our concerns with a well made video was how we would get people to actually watch it with some regularity. We have a lot of family video on DVDs (yes, we have digitized them; they used to be on tapes), but now we don’t even have a DVD player anymore. We recommend uploading a copy of the video to YouTube as an unlisted video and then embedding a QR coded link on a photo. The QR code provides an on-ramp to the video. And the photo makes a nice additional gift!

If you want to celebrate your anniversary with a unique gift – contact us.

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