This Summer: Make Family History FUN!

Publish you favorite family history story as a CHILDREN’S BOOK!

5 copies of your
Family History Children’s Book

only $49.95

We take your text and illustrations and turn your family story into a beautiful finished children’s book that makes a great gift for family events of all kinds, and a legacy memory that will entertain and educate your family for generations.

Our books are 8×8 and generally 16, 20, or 24 full-color pages plus a colored card stock cover, printed on the outside. That’s long enough to tell the story, and short enough to keep even young readers interested.

Here are some samples of Rememberize Family History Children’s Books. The first one (Orin Woodbury Jarvis) is most like our ‘standard’ (the one the pricing above is for). It consists of 16 inside pages, which include a title page; 7 inside spreads, each with text on one side and an illustration on the other; and a back page that can be used either for the story or as a bio about either the story teller or the persons the story is about. The cover can consist of one of the illustrations from the inside on the front and a photo or test on the back.  We can of course accommodate special requests. Just talk to us!

The first step is to pick a story.

If you flipped through them, you saw that two of the samples above are more of a traditional pioneer story and cover a lot of time and highlight the special, stand-out moments. The other focuses on just one experience or anecdote. What story you pick and how you want to tell it is completely up to you.

We’ll be happy to walk you through the entire process so you can get your project done this summer. If you need help along the way, we are there for you.

Other services you might be interested in:

  • Project/Coaching: $99 (waived if you start your project before Aug 31, 2019)
  • Writing/Editing: $99
  • Illustrations: $49+ ea (varies with quantity, artist, complexity)
  • Layout: $59

If you want additional books, pricing is:

  • $14.95 for each individual book;
  • 5 books= $13.45 each (10% off);
  • 10 books= $11.95 each (20% off);
  • 20 books= $10.45 each (30% off);
  • 50 books= $8.95 each (40% off);
  • 100 books= $7.45 each (50% off)

If you need more pages (they come in 4s):

  • 16 pages – $14.95
  • 20 pages – $15.95
  • 24 pages – $16.95
  • 28 pages – $17.95
  • 32 pages – $18.95

The same quantity discounts apply.